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Ask Her Campus’s Own “Dear Abby”

Q: My roommate Skypes her long-distance boyfriend every night.  I wouldn’t have a problem with this except that she does it late at night at the exact time I get ready for bed.  Also, the Skype convo lasts over an hour… what can I do to make this stop?

 A: The best way to deal with this situation is to make some rules about Skyping.  Let your roommate know that you don’t have a problem with her Skype calls; it’s the fact that they last way too long at a late hour of the night.  You could set a limit to the amount of time the calls last or even set a time when they should stop.  Another solution is telling your roommate to put in headphones so you don’t have to hear their entire conversation.  If she’s not okay with any of these very reasonable options then maybe she will just take her laptop into the common area and Skype as long as she wants to there. 
Q: I am becoming friends with a guy that I recently met.  How can I tell if this is moving in the friendship direction or developing into something more?

A: I would look for key signs in this scenario.  Does this guy continually ask you to dinner or to hang out one on one? Or does he always see you in more of a group setting?  Also, if he texts you more often than just to figure out plans, then chances are he is wanting something more.  Another indication might be if he offers to do things for you or genuinely has your feelings in mind.  For example, when making plans, he might take into account what you want to do.  Also, he would care about the busy day you’ve had and will listen to you talk about the test you feel like you just failed.  A clear sign that he just wants to be friends is if his texts are often short and to the point.  He might want to spend time with you but it’s usually in a group setting, or when you do spend time one on one, there is mention of previous hookups or other girls he might be interested in.  In this situation I would be careful not to jump to conclusions too soon, seeing how most boys have a tendency to play games; though of course, he might just be too shy to show his feelings in the beginning. 
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