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Q: I met a cute boy on campus but I’m just too shy to say hello. Do you have any suggestions on what to say? Please help!

A: I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t be shy! If he’s in one of your classes, grab a seat closer to him than usual but definitely not right beside him…you want to talk not scare him.  Then after class, ask him a question about an upcoming test or about something the professor said, and just see where the conversation goes!  If you only see him around campus, like at Rand, this is a little tougher.  Sometimes guys like when girls take charge, so if you’re feeling bold then just walk up to him and say that you remember meeting him at some point.  This might be awkward, but how else are you going to start a conversation?  Don’t do this if he’s with a group of friends though!  You could also find out if any of your friends know the boy you met.  Having a mutual friend to mention is always the perfect way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well.
Q: Summer is a month and a half away, and I have no internship lined up.  How can I fix this fast??

A: Finding an internship this close to summer can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.  Since most internship deadlines have passed, start by asking your parents to see if any of their friends or connections work in a field similar to what you’re interested in.  Then simply call or email them with your interests, casually mentioning how you’d love to intern for them.  Even if it’s not an official 6-week program, it’s still an internship.  Also, internships don’t have to be your only option.  Even though you might think an internship is the official summer plan, just having a job in the summer will show future employers that you work hard to make your own money.  Another option could be spending the summer studying abroad or even taking classes at Vanderbilt.  While this might not sound appealing at first, you would be going to fewer classes than during a normal semester, so you would have more time to focus on those classes.  Or to focus on getting a tan…

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