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Ariana Grande is Asking You to Vote in her Song “Positions,” and You Should

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

Ariana Grande just premiered another hit single, ”Positions,” on midnight of October 23rd. Besides being a TOTAL bop with incredible vocals and videography, “Positions” sends a very important message to all viewers: go vote. Here’s why I believe so. 

Without the brilliantly directed music video by Dave Meyers, it’s easy to say “Positions” is another love song, given its lyrics “Boy, I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday,” and the sexual connotation of the word positions. The video, however, is set entirely in The White House. With such a politically rife year, I think it’s safe to assume that Ari is trying to convey a political message here as well. 

Within the first five seconds of the song, we see the title “Positions” written across the White House. Viewers like me are inclined to think of the position of President, given that elections are right around the corner. Lyrics such as “I’ll be switching the positions for you” take on a second meaning here and Ari seems to suggest she’ll be “switching the position” of the POTUS. The ability to do this comes from the power to vote.

With the music video curiously timed to release right after the second presidential election combined with all the previous factors, it’s clear that Ari is telling her viewers to vote. And it’s imperative that you do so. Election outcomes matter and have tangible consequences on the nation, as we have witnessed in the last 4 years. Your vote also impacts your community and it’s your civic duty to act in their best interests. Finally, if you don’t think your vote can make a difference, look to the Bush v Gore and Trump v Clinton election, both incredibly close elections. 

Voting is a fundamental right that provides the people of the US a powerful opportunity for them to make real impacts and changes to the way in which they are governed. It’s a right that you do not want to take for granted. So please, go hit the polls before it’s too late!

Eryn Lin

Vanderbilt '21

Economics major, Business and Chinese Culture & Language minor "People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou
Madison Edwards

Vanderbilt '21

Madison is a Campus Trendsetter and Campus Correspondent. She is currently majoring in Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University. Madison enjoys traveling and trying new foods, and can always be found drinking a good cup of coffee :)