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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

Name: Adam

Nicknames: Philosophy Major, Titty, Itty Bitty Titty Witte, Shaggy, Bandana Guy, Robe Guy, Father

Major/Minor: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a concentration in Biotechnology and Materials Science

On-campus Involvement: Floor Representative (HAC/CLC/VSG), Wilskills, Vandy Speaks, American Chemical Society–Vanderbilt Chapter

Relationship Status: Single with a pringle 

Celebrity Crush: I can’t remember her name or what movie she’s in so I’m copping out and saying Emma Watson

Ideal Date: A day filled with crazy events, like first maybe having a picnic and drink some tea (with honey of course) out in the sun, then going to some festive art museum event where they have like live music and dancing and activities and such (Saint Louis art museum has one monthly and they’re super fun, the target demographic is college kids and older, highly recommend), then finding a very nice hotel and walking in confidently like we are guests and can actually afford to stay there and walk to the well-designed outdoor balcony with like, trees and grass and fancy tiles and fountains and look at the city skyline as the sun goes down. After that we would head out to a concert at Jazz at the Bistro (in Saint Louis, or a comparable show/venue) where the Robert Glasper Experiment and Flying Lotus open up for D’Angelo (which would never happen in real life), then we would conveniently stumble upon the grand opening ceremony of a new store/business/whathaveyou where they have ridiculous events like… let’s say a spoken word poet and free food. Then we’d snag some food at Waffle House or something and head home. The date would consist of lots of talking but also have long periods of comfortable silence. That’d be so dope. 

Past Date Disaster: My date disaster was so bad there actually wasn’t even a date. She thought we were supposed to meet up at certain time, I thought we were meeting up 6 hours later. She had evening plans, but kept her afternoon free and waited on me but I had work and could barely text her because I was busy helping guests. We realized the dilemma, but there was nothing we could do about it. She cancelled all plans for that afternoon so she was stuck in her house doing nothing because her friends had already made other plans. By the time I got off work she was already very frustrated and almost had to leave for her evening plans. The new plan was to meet up before she went out, but I had car troubles. The new new plan was that I would just roll with her friends but they forgot that a Camry only seats five. The new new new plan was that I would meet up after, but they got back at almost 1 and I had to get up at 6 the next morning to volunteer so I cancelled. What a time. 

Favorite TV/Netflix series: Boondocks. Boondocks hands down, no competition.

Favorite vacation spot: Lake Tahoe, because the weather is usually prime and downhill mountain biking is A1

Favorite hobby: Most definitely skateboarding

Favorite food at Vandy: GRINS. If you are what you eat, then I am the Caprese.

5 words to describe yourself: Caprese, lit, apathetic, passionate, oxymoronic

A question you’ve always wondered: These kids are superstars, how did I get accepted to this school?

Spirit Animal: Bernie Sanders

Hi! I'm Andrea Liberman, a Vanderbilt student in the class of 2019. I am a Cognitive Studies major with minors in Corporate Strategy and Quantitative Methods. I plan to work in marketing research or marketing consulting. On campus, I am also involved in Dance Marathon and Hillel and am a member of Kappa Delta. I also love to dance, read, and try good food!