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8 Reasons to Celebrate International Women’s Day Every Day!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

March 8 marks the yearly celebration of International Women’s Day. Around the world, we show appreciation and pride for the ladies in our lives. However, this has also become a platform for feminists to campaign for equal rights for women in the United States and around the world. Notably this year, numerous large companies, including Kate Spade and Vogue, removed the female models from their already existing billboards, magazines, and other forms of advertisement. Instead, the website not-there.org was in their place, directing spectators to go online to draw attention to the fact that women still are not treated at the same level as men. In honor of this annual holiday on March 8, here are eight reasons it rocks to be a woman.

1. We help each other out. From loaning a friend your formal dress to discretely letting a stranger know that she has lipstick on her teeth, women are there for each other. 

2. We get to dress up- and down! It’s super fun to get all dressed up in a dress and heels, but it’s also great to kick back in some leggings. 

3. From Hillary Clinton to Beyonce, we have amazing role models who show us that our gender can’t stop us from doing amazing things. 

4. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to be emotional about random stuff (like commercials or a particularly accurate Yak), but women’s ability to feel and express the full spectrum of emotions is truly a gift.  

5. Girlfriends. They make you laugh, cry, and everything in between and always have your back. 

6. Your mom is always a phone call away. Whether you had a fight with your roommate or aced your econ test, she’s your biggest supporter. 

7. Leggings. (Guys just can’t wear them)

8. We can- and DO- change the world!