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8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now


As girls, we’re all a little obsessed with Instagram. It’s a creative outlet for foodies and fashionistas and a source of inspiration that is ALMOST better than Pinterest. I personally find myself checking Instagram way more than Facebook, because I follow accounts that actually interest me. Yes, I love to see pictures of my friends, but I also love to see pictures of food and dogs. Don’t pretend that you don’t relate. 

However, the Instagram world is getting bigger by the day, and for some, it might seem a little intimidating. I’m here to share my eight favorite Instagram accounts that inspire me and make me happy every time I browse my feed. Keep in mind, if you’re not into food, healthy eating, fashion, or puppies, you might not agree with my choices. That’s fine! But I urge you to check them out anyways- I promise you’ll find at least one in this group that will inspire you! 

1) @laurenconrad – An obvious choice. If I could be anyone in this world, it would be Lauren Conrad. She’s beautiful, super fashionable, and just so happens to have the prettiest engagement ring ever. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! 

2) @howsweeteats – This food blogger has an AWESOME instagram that is equal parts drool-worthy and fun. Definitely check out her blog before you follow her on Instagram, though- her blog is probably the best thing ever and needs to be a part of your life. 

3) @karenakatrina – Tone It Up is a huge fitness brand right now. Their blog is awesome, and I personally love doing their workouts. I even have the Nutrition Plan! The founders of the brand, Karena and Katrina, are about to become your new favorite people. They’re relatable, fun, and super inspiring. This is their personal Instagram, which still features a lot of Tone It Up stuff, but their more fitness-focused account is @toneitup. Both are awesome, but I prefer @karenakatrina for the beach pics! 

4) @shotgunsandseashells – This account was started by a girl from my high school, and I’m actually so obsessed with it. She’s a great fashion blogger, but I really love all of her gift guides/fave product collages. The one pictured here is a gift guide for Valentine’s Day- I’m definitely buying the mug and the monogrammed jewelry box for myself! 

5) @thechalkboardmag – This instagram belongs to an awesome health blog featuring content tailored to all my vegan/vegetarian/green friends out there. They have awesome articles about juicing and are always posting vegan-friendly recipes that actually look delicious. They also feature Q&A articles with interesting leaders/bloggers in the health community, which I particularly love. Even if you’re the biggest carnivore in the world, I recommend you check out their blog/instagram! 

6) @selfmagazine– If you’re a girl, you probably like magazines. I’m particularly fond of Self, and I love that their Instagram gives me a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s actually like to work for a fitness magazine! They’re always posting cool products and beautiful pictures of New York City. If it wasn’t for Self’s Instagram, I would have never found Drunk Elephant Skincare, which is easily one of the coolest new skincare lines on the market! Check both out- you won’t regret it. 

7) @emilyschuman – I don’t think you want to get me started on how much I love Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Her life (at least from the outside looking in) is sheer perfection. Looking at all of her sunny LA pictures makes me SO excited to move out there after graduation! Plus, she also takes great pictures of food. And who doesn’t want to see more #foodporn pics??? 

8) @theodorefitzpatrick – If you consider yourself slightly preppy, you’ve probably heard of The College Prepster. But you might not have heard of her adorable poodle puppy, Teddy, or his always-entertaining Instagram account. My puppy used to look a lot like Teddy, and the pictures make me jealous! I’m also obsesssed with his full name- Theodore Fitzpatrick. Couldn’t be more fitting for this classy pup! 

Stacey Oswald, originally from South Florida, came to Vanderbilt as a member of the class of 2015 and got involved with HerCampus her freshman year. She became assistant editor that year and is now the Campus Correspondent for Vanderbilt HC as a sophomore. Stacey is currently a columnist for Ask Miss A- Nashville and the life section of The Hustler. She's also very involved in her sorority, Kappa Delta, as well as Invisible Children. Outside of school and her extracurriculars, Stacey finds happiness in many sources, the most crucial being exercise and the sun. She loves to attend exercise classes and is an avid runner; she recently completed the Country Music Half Marathon. She also loves Vitamin D, especially when on the beach- though of course, she only soaks up the sun after applying SPF. A few of the things Stacey couldn't live without? Good food (especially from Sweet Cece's, Bricktops, and Samurai Sushi), great books (The Hypnotist's Love Story is a recent favorite), her family back in Florida, her wonderful boyfriend, and all of the great friends she's made at Vanderbilt.
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