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5 Tips For Making Every Concert Your Best One Yet

Every concert has its own flair and personality, just as every headliner does. However, here are five tips you can never go wrong with!

5. Pack accordingly.

Such a small and forgettable tip that can make a huge impact. Some venues only allow a clear bag, some only allow small ones. Some allow you to check your bags and some are fine with whatever size or color bag you have. Make sure to do your research and pack accordingly. There’s nothing worse than waiting in the cold for an hour to retrieve a bag you’ve checked for 5 bucks when you could have checked online and just packed the essentials.

4. Listen to the opening act(s).

It’s a personal choice on when you want to go to a concert, whether it’s on time to catch the whole show from start to finish or later just to catch the headliner. However, a lot of times headliners choose specific artists as their opening acts because their music mirror the music of the headliners’. Showing up in time to listen to the opening act(s) could serve as an introduction to your next favorite artist(s). However, sometimes we would rather get food before the concert or call an Uber/Lyft later due to traffic problems and that’s totally understandable! That’s why my suggestion would be to pull up a few songs from the opening act a night or two before the concert and see if it’s music you would actually want to experience live. If not, you’ve saved yourself an extra hour or two. If so, you might’ve found your next obsession!

3. Brush up on the songs!

One of my favorite feelings in the world is singing along to my favorite artist, word for word, beat by beat. Although this may seem simple, it’s easy to forget to prepare for a concert by brushing up on songs or listening to recent or old songs. So, be sure to give your artist a listen. Plus, certain artists also release setlists and checking them out might be a good idea if you want to be prepared, but a concert is also totally and completely enjoyable if you want to go in not knowing which songs will be played.

2. Plan for traffic.

It tends to get super crowded near the arena, and even in the entire city depending on the city you’re from, when a big artist is in town. I’m definitely guilty of waiting until the last minute to call my Uber/Lyft and end up missing half of the first opening act. To avoid making the same mistakes as me, definitely plan ahead and stick to your schedule!

I’ve also had to wait hours for Ubers or Lyfts to come find me after a concert, so definitely plan accordingly by asking someone to pick you up or even leaving a few minutes early so you can catch the first Ubers or Lyfts to arrive before surges incur.


1. It’s all about the company!

I’m not talking about the company running the show, although that plays a hefty role. I’m talking about your friends. Some people like going to concerts alone, some like going in huge groups. Sometimes different types of concerts call for a different crowd, and sometimes it takes a couple tries to figure out what you like and that’s completely okay!


What I do know is… when you find the right company, it will make your concert experience a million times better.

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Rozi Xu


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