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3 Resources to Help You Get the Career You’ve Always Wanted

There are so many websites doling out career advice and job grabbing tips left and right, but few of them focus on women. Even fewer give novel info that can actually make a difference in whether you even apply for that job in the first place. Here are three great resources to help you establish a career once you graduate:

Create & Cultivate’s Weekly Classifieds

Create & Cultivate, a company focused on female empowerment, was built on the idea of working women’s shared experiences in the workplace, and publishes a classifieds section every Wednesday with job opportunities across the country in fashion, wellness, tech, beauty, and media.


The internet has a plethora of advice to give to young and hungry ears that are willing to hear, but the reliability of that information, as well as its relevance, isn’t always up to par. Thankfully, Girlboss Media regularly publishes articles with the advice of industry insiders who know a little something about being a successful woman in your career.

Money Diaries by Refinery29

Unlike Create & Cultivate and Girlboss Media, the Money Diaries series on Refinery29 isn’t designed to help women coming up in their careers. However, seeing the day-to-day money habits of people across a variety of industries in different cities across the country does an incredible job of helping you gauge the financial implications of particular geographic locations and certain job titles. The implicit knowledge gained can be fundamental in planning for your future.

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