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10 Signs You Have RBF (Resting Bitch Face)

When you hear the term RBF or “resting bitch face,” I’m sure you immediately think of that one girl (or guy- more rare, but definitely possible) who walks past you on your way to Sociology every day who always looks mad. However, people with RBF are often not angry and are puzzled as to why people always think they are. So if you think you might have RBF, here are some commons signs that you, in fact, have it. And if you don’t RBF, here’s a little bit of insight on the struggles that people with RBF face daily; be mindful of their condition. 
1. People often come up to you asking, “Are you okay? You look pissed.”
2. You have very prominent (some might say fierce) eyebrows.
3. People move out of the way when you’re walking down the sidewalk.
4. When you meet someone new in a social setting the first couple of words you exchange are usually:Newcomer: “You don’t look like you’re having a good time”
You: “No, that’s just my face.”
5. People thought you hated them before they got to know you.
6. People are surprised by what your face looks like when you actually smile.
7. Only you understand that the look in your eyes is determination to get where you’re going (see also: walking with a purpose), not bitchiness or anger.
8. You have virtually no control over the raising or furrowing of your eyebrows.
9. When you’re actually mad, it’s a scary experience for everyone involved.
10. If your facial expressions at all resemble Scarlett O’Hara, Charlize Theron, or Victoria Beckham.
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