Your WCW Could Never: Normani Kordei

Some of you who are into the whole girl and boy groups might know her, but if you are not, let me introduce you to Normani Kordei. She is one ¼, and my absolute favorite member, of America’s top girl band, Fifth Harmony. She is very strong and passionate about what she loves, which is music, and she literally doesn't let anything stop her.

The thing that drew me to her is when she was facing adversity at one point in her career. She was the victim of cyberbullying all because of the color of her skin. She was called every horrible name in the book, but she still handled that situation with so much class. She was hurt, but she didn't lash out or throw a tantrum like some celebrities might have done in this predicament, but she took a well-needed break from social media to get herself together. Ever since then, she has come back ten times stronger, even competing in Dancing With The Stars which she almost one. Also, while competing on the show, she accidentally made one of her very handsome costars fall madly in love with her, where he asked her on a date on national TV (I mean can you blame him).Since the Announcement of Fifth Harmony Hiatus, people have been wondering what Normani is going to do. Normani has also been the target of being called the “weakest” member (which is far from true) of Fifth Harmony, but this “weakest link” first song as a soloist is number 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and is steadily rising on the charts. She is also the first member sought out by a record label, Keep Cool/RCA Records, and has recently signed her solo contract.I am looking forward to hearing Normani’s beautiful voice, and the new music that is just from her creativity and soul.