Your First Bikini Wax

Since the age of 17, I've been doing self hair removal for my vagina. And like most millennial girls my age, it’s a pretty important step in our hygiene routine. When I say I've been through some ups and downs dealing with self hair removal I mean it. From accidentally slicing and dicing myself up with a razor, to receiving a chemical burn from hair removal cream. Dealing with those painful attempts have pointed me in the right direction of hair removal and I can officially say WAXING is the way to go.  

Contrary to belief, it is not as painful as people make it seem. The worse part is the idea of going in, exposing yourself to a stranger, and getting your vagina ripped apart by a strip of paper. But don’t worry I'm here to ease your mind and get you prepared for your first step into a smooth vagina. 


Don't trim your hair pre-wax. In order to even receive the wax, you must have hair. You must have at least ½ an inch of hair, so the wax can correctly grip the hair and pull it out. You don’t want to show up for your appointment and have to return a week later because you're already trimmed. 


Expect pain. You're literally getting hair pulled out of the follicles of your skin. Yes, it will hurt. Though the pain is not excruciating, and it should never deter you from actually getting it done. The result is definitely worth it. Once you get it done, you don’t have to worry about it growing back for 1-2 months. Much longer than shaving, which grows back as soon as you're done washing up. 


Take 2 ibuprofen before your appointment. It will relax your muscles and body before your appointment, which will ease some of the pain you may experience.  


Sugaring vs. Normal Wax. Unlike normal waxing, sugaring is the use of sugar, lemon juice, and water. It's made into a wax and is more effective for removing hair. Sugaring doesn’t remove the top layer of skin, like normal wax, and removes all the hair directly from the follicle. A good way to go, but tends to be a little more painful. 


Bring Wipes. In case you need to freshen up pre-wax. 


Try not to sweat after. That means no exercising, no sex, or any strenuous activity at least 24 hours after your wax. After the wax, your pores are still open from the extraction of the hair. Which is not a good time for outside sweat to be creeping around there.  


Enjoy. You've done the research, you've made it through the pain, and you've waited 24 hours. Put on some silk panties for a few hours and enjoy the smoothness.