You Should Take These Elective Classes While in School

Electives are classes that you get to choose to take in college or high school. Electives can do two things for you: They can be a fun and relaxing class that takes your mind off the rest of your studies, or they can give you a new path for your career. An elective class should always be something you are interested in and want to learn more about.

Now, Valdosta State University has many classes that can be fun relaxing. Some of the best electives to take are:

If you love to talk about everyday issues take Intro to Women Gender Studies with Ms. Gardner or take an AFAM or Women’s Voicesclass.

If you would like an easy grade, some physical relaxation or class credit for exercising, then you should take a KSPE like Personal Fitness, Weight Training, Mind, Body, Strength & Fitness and Fitness Walking.

Every student has to take 2 perspective classes, but you can always take more. If you want credit for loving art, then take Ethical Issues in the Arts, Arts Perspective, Women in the Visual Arts and African American Art/Culture. You can get credit for watching films in Politics and Film or Music in Film.

If you want to learn a language, then take a class or two in Spanish, French, American Sign Language, German, or Japanese.

If you care about the mind and why people are the way they are, then take Intro to Psychology or Intro to Sociology.

Some people really enjoy science and the different avenue it provides. You can always take more science classes with fun labs. How about Astronomy where you'll get to see the stars up close or Geology where you'll get to go on trips to the woods to see rocks, bats and caves.

You can always take an art class, music class, dance class, or interior design class if you're a more hands-on learner.

There are so many classes to take that will give you hope. Some will help you make friends. Some will help you to relax, and others might give you a new path in life. Our majors require a lot of work, and we need to have breaks. We need to have easy classes that will give you A’s for having fun. The best way to ensure that you get a great teacher and a fun class is to go on rate my professors to check out what other college students have said. I say use your electives carefully and don’t waste them because you have the rest of your college career to take boring and hard classes.