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You Know You’re A Graduating Senior When…

Aside from waking up before noon, getting up for class is usually the hardest for you.

How about trying again tomorrow..

You zone out when you finally decide to show up to class, so when a professor asks you a question pertaining to lecture, you’re like:

They knew you weren’t paying attention…

You’ve skipped class for happy hour on more than one occasion.

El Cazador, El Toreo, or Mulligans awaits you.

You truly don’t care about anything anymore. 

What is a professor?What is class? What is homework? What is a test? What is a pencil? 

So much, that even common sense for you doesn’t come easy anymore.


You no longer dress to impress.

You dress to eventually make it back to bed.

The phrase “Cs get degrees” is your answer for everything now.

And possibly Ds, if we’re talking about perspective courses here.

Questions about what you’re doing after graduation just won’t stop. 

You barely even know!

Asking people to sign the attendance sheet for you due to you being late or because you’re not showing up isn’t hard because you’re deep into your major and you know everyone.  

Colleagues 4 Lyfe.

You’ve considered graduate school because you’re not ready for the real world, but then you remember that you’d have to write a ton of papers so you come back to your senses.

Well, that was a dumb idea.

On most days, you don’t even know how to write papers.

What is MLA format?

You only have online textbooks for two reasons: 1) you waited too late to order physical textbooks and assignments are starting to flood in and 2) you know better than to buy overpriced books from the school’s bookstore or Dorks.

Work smarter, not harder. 

Your week nights consist of binge watching Netflix.

Along with wine. 

You think of homework as busywork.  

Again, what is homework?

If it’s due tomorrow, you’re doing it tomorrow.

An hour before it’s due sounds reasonable.

It’s the beginning of the semester and you’re already worried about that real-life job you’ll have to get.

Time, you can pause at any moment now.

So, you sleep in until the afternoon because that all may change in a few months.

What better time to get it in than now?

You’re also worried about having to move back in with your parents. 

Are there possible alternatives?

You don’t go to house parties anymore because you never recognize anyone there.

This is when you officially know you’re washed up.

Instead, you and your friends chill at your favorite bar where the bartender knows you by name.

And also knows your favorite drink.

Your social media timelines consists of various posts about your friends’ new jobs or internships, which also shows how much your own life isn’t together.

Working retail doesn’t sound so bad…

You usually choose to “wing it” rather than studying.

Study for what?

You plan on going all out for Spring Break. After all, it is your last one. 

Time to start slacking up on the BOGO Chick-Fil-A meals.

You think about all the money you owe versus all the money you’ve spent in college.

Sally Mae shows no mercy.

However, a sense of nostalgia always runs through you as you walk or drive by various spots around Valdosta.

Your time is near.

Then you remember that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and that maybe graduating isn’t really such a bad thing.

You’re almost at the finish line VSU Seniors. Keep your head up! #HCXO

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