Women's History Month: Laila Ali

Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali is without a doubt one of the greatest boxers to ever live. You don’t have to like him to realize his numbers say that he is the best in his sport but who is it that might be as great as he? She shares his last name but also an incredible record and that would be Laila Ali. Born on December 30, 1977, Laila is the youngest of Muhammad’s daughters and the second to last of his nine children. Having a famous last name wasn’t good enough, she decided to make a name for herself and she did just that.

Ali hadn’t always planned on being a boxer; in fact she owned her own nail salon before she decided to become serious about being in the ring. At 18 she made a commitment to boxing and never looked back. Her famous father wasn’t too pleased with her decision but she assured him that every time she set foot in a boxing ring she planned to be victorious, and it was a promise she kept. Her first fight was October 1999 when she was 21 years old and from then on she was unstoppable. Laila Ali retired as an undefeated boxer, with a record of (24-0) and 21 knockouts. She may have had a famous last name and father that was labeled the greatest of all time but it’s obvious she can be credited with her own success.

After Laila retired she married former NFL player Curtis Conway in July 2007. They had two children together and she also became a stepmother to his other three children. She has also appeared on television including shows like George Lopez, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Dancing with the Stars, and many more. Laila Ali has made sure that Muhammad isn't the only household Ali name that is known. Her ability to step outside of her comfort zone, take risks, and achieve her goals is what makes her such an inspiration to women.