Women Rappers Are Better Than Men Rappers! (and always have been)


Eve. Foxy Brown. Queen Latifah. Missy Elliot. Lil Kim. Da Brat. Lauryn Hill. All women rappers who DOMINATED the rap game and were still underrated af if we keeping it a buck-fifty!

Women rappers have always been fye as f*ck! But they are never as popular and respected. And why is that? Our favorite word *sarcasm*: SEXISM.

Men (and even some women with internalized sexism) don’t feel comfortable listening to a woman rap about sex, love, drugs and all of the other things that THE MENS also rap about. But both men and women are okay listening to men rap about those same things. Women sit around listening to men rap about hoes not being shit, about how the molly made him fuck her, and how much he loves his mom and his bed over women. Yet, a man’s masculinity falls completely apart if he listens to a woman rap about not being afraid to be a hoe?


With all of that being said, there are some AMAZING underground women rappers out right now who are better than the men rappers who are getting all of the clout.  

We have these Lil Xannys and Lil Crackheads out here getting all the media attention, while rappers like Bby Muth, Saweetie, Melii Rico Nasty, Bali Baby, Abby Jasmine, Angel Haze, Azelia Banks, Jungle Pussy, Cupcakkee (etc etc) are rapping 10xs better.

And why?

Because everyone’s attention is on the fact that they’re women and not the fact that they’re good ass rappers.

Even when we do let women get in the spot light, we minimize their rap abilities to them rapping about how good their p*ssys are (which is fine too), but women rap about so much more. Women rappers cover a wide range of issues that would benefit ALL audiences to hear (not just women listeners!).

So yes, women rappers are better than men rappers and if you don’t believe me how about you check out some of the rappers I listed. And really listen.