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#WomanCrushWednesday: How There’s An Elle Varner Song for Every Situation

Elle Varner, a grammy nominated singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, is the queen of writing about situations all girls experience! When you’re at a party, ready to fall in love (or ready to fall out of love), there’s always an Elle Varner song waiting for you. Check out these situations Elle wrote about that we can all relate to!

That time when you decided to embrace your look! Every girl is guilty of saying, “I wish I had a J. Lo booty,” or seeing another girl’s shape and wishing you had her body. The song “So Fly” talks about insecurities girls face and how those insecurities should be released and replaced with self-love!

The morning after you’ve partied hard! You know, that “morning after” feeling when you wake up looking like the night before, trying to recall what happened. In the song “Oh, What a Night”, Elle sings about that hungover morning that you may or may not regret!

When you’re too shy to make a move on that cutie across the room! You know, when you go out and you can’t keep your eyes off of that one person all night, but you just can’t find the courage to even introduce yourself. Elle’s song “Not Tonight” talks about how dreadful it can be when you’re trying to approach a crush!

When you finally vibe with a guy and you wish the convo lasted forever! It’s rare you find a guy that you really enjoy holding a conversation with! Elle’s song “Refill” shows how much girls live off of those convos and how we wish they’d never end.

When you’re ready to give your all to that special someone! One of the greatest feelings is when you’re ready to go all in with someone you really care about. In the song “Only Wanna Give It to You”, Elle sings about that feeling of readiness and hope!

The time when you realized you’re through with his crap! You’ve finally had that epiphany where you’ve realized you don’t need him! Elle’s song “Stop the Clock” is all about that feeling of empowerment when you know you’re done with the games!

When it’s killing you to be “just friends” with someone! It sucks being friends with someone you secretly admire. In the song “Damn Good Friends”, Elle explains that feeling of wanting more than a friendship with someone you’ve been friend zoned by!

Your first party after a breakup! Don’t you just hate it when your friends drag you to a party to get over a bad breakup? You’re too distracted by your thoughts to even think about dancing with that annoying guy who keeps asking. Elle’s song “Don’t Wanna Dance” describes the times when you’re just not feeling it at a party!

This talented singer/songwriter knows what she’s talking about! Can we say #TheresAnElleSongForThat? HCXO!

My name is Sameena! I am a criminal justice major at Valdosta State University!
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