Why you should watch: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a Netflix original remake of the character She-Ra. Although She-Ra is a stereotypical white savior the group of princesses that She-Ra is associated with are mostly people of color. The two characters who rescue her are black, Glimmer and Bow, and they forge a beautiful bond of friendship that young girls should see. There are pretty animated fight scenes, but obviously nothing too graphic, that being said, it held my boyfriend's attention and he only likes violence. The story is a typical one of betrayal and finding one's purpose. She-ra must abandon everything she once knew, in typical princess fashion, and fight for Etheria. Etheria is the realm of princesses and after being attacked for so long, and the first princess brigade going up in flames the princesses do not want to band together once more; however, She-Ra comes to save the day and unite the princesses.

You also see She-Ra struggling to deal with the new responsibility placed on her by the princesses and the people of Etheria. The show has good character development, but leaves something to be desired. Unfortunately, there is only one season, but in that season there can be a fondness found for the main characters. The animation style is similar to that of Steven Universe, The show takes on some borrowed animation elements like the costume transformations from sailor moon. There is an array of body types on the show, which is always wonderful to see. The show is pretty goofy and girly, which makes it great for little kids, but also if you've been around men to much and you just want something adorable in your life.


Also, there is a same-sex couple. They both are princesses and while they are often comic relief throughout the show, towards the end of the season you start to see what these princesses can really do. The show does a good job of creating hate-worthy antagonists, however the main antagonists makes you wish for her to switch sides. All in all, the show is amazingly adorable and worth a watch.