Why You Should Throw Your Summer's Eve Away ASAP

Spring is almost here, which means feminine product lines like Summer’s Eve are advertising more than ever. You could start to believe you need a soap or powder to keep yourself fresh down there, but before you run to the store in fear, hear me out.

I am not a gynecologist, but as a living woman with a vagina and the internet, I have had my fair share of experiences. I know many women struggle with embarrassment and shame when it comes to their vaginas, and these feelings may be exacerbated in the bedroom. I know that teenage girls on the verge of becoming adult women and having sex for the first time can be even more vulnerable. Because of commercials on TV by brands like Summer’s Eve, they may feel like they need to use soap to clear up any odor they think they have. Poor sex education in the United States has also led to a tragic misunderstanding between many women and their bodies. All the stereotypes regarding women’s bodies may lead you to believe you have to smell like a bed of roses at all times, but that’s just not true.

Though you may feel fresh after using soap or baby powder or even a deodorant spray, use of those products can throw off the pH balance in your vagina. An imbalance will keep your natural flora from coexisting as they should, resulting in an increased odor, irritation or yeast infection.

Your vagina naturally cleanses itself, and should be left alone to do her job herself like any capable, independent woman. Summer’s Eve and its cohorts are gimmicks to be avoided. In the shower, you should simply wash your body like normal and use only water to clean “down there” (note that I have said water, and any body wash or bar soap you use should be avoided as well).

If you feel like you’re experiencing a problem with cleanliness, try wearing thinner, 100 percent cotton underwear and looser pants or shorts in hot weather.  Try going commando at night if you feel comfortable with it to give yourself some air.

If the problem is in the bedroom, use open communication with your partner to express your fears. Your partner will most likely let you know that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Above all, be sure to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist if things seem to be going awry. Your doctor will know the proper way to address your problems, and you won’t waste your time on commercialized products that you don’t need.