Why We're Here For the New Gucci Mane

Since Gucci Mane has been released, he's had a totally different lifestyle; so different that people started to believe he was a clone! We've been following his life on Snapchat and I'm sure we can all agree that it has been pure entertainment. Here's five reasons why we're definitely here for the new Gucci! 1. He's a lot healthier

 I'm sure everyone remembers "8 months pregnant" Gucci Mane, but now the pot belly has vanished! Gucci is looking and eating a lot healthier, despite a burger or two..

2. He cleans up well

Gucci's style has definitely upgraded over time, landing him a feature in Vogue Magazine! Even though he has made quite the transformation, he still hasn't stopped rocking the 'bottoms and no shirt' look!

3. He's in a happy relationship

Behind every legendary man is a legendary woman! Gucci is forever flaunting his long-time girlfriend and businesswoman Keyshia Ka'oir!

4. He's still putting out music

 Being incarcerated couldn't stop him from releasing music and now that he has been released, Gucci has kept the music coming with is album Everybody Looking and several other features with different artists!

5. Overall, he looks happy

Gucci seems to be doing what he loves and loving what he does! How can you not be happy for him?