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Why a Traditional American POV Is Both Misandrist and Misogynist

Feminist get a terrible wrap for hating men, but in reality, feminists aren’t misandrist. Many feminists are only attracted to men and choose to enter loving, mutually beneficial, healthy relationships with men. However, thinking about this topic made me think of people that actually hate men: people with stereotypical traditional American values. (Keep in mind this doesn’t speak for all people who call themselves conservatives, just the ones that I’ve met.)

1. Men aren’t allowed to show emotion.

Many people who hold a traditional conservative mindset expect men to conceal their emotions and not to express themselves. This is harmful to all men and hinders many men from being able to form healthy relationships. This also strips men of basic coping mechanisms like crying which is something that everyone does. This mindset also limits men to an unhealthy emotional range: stoic-ness, anger and excitement.

2. Gay men can no longer be considered masculine. 

The suppression and disenfranchisement of the gay man have existed as long as I have been alive. Traditional people with traditional values believe that being gay is inherently wrong. Gay men, even if not outwardly effeminate, are presumed to be less masculine, weak or inferior because of their sexual orientation. Gay men are still men and are masculine. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their masculinity. Effeminate gay men have a different sense of masculinity that is still masculine. All masculinities are created equal. 

3. Femininity is bad.

Traditional American mindsets heavily oppress women, making them demure themselves and stripping them of any sexual freedom or expression. Because of that forced demureness, anything feminine is inherently bad, soft, in need of protection or weak. This creates unhealthy relationship dynamics between the sexes, leading both men and women to believe that women only exist to please men.

4. Men are supposed to be in charge.

Men are taught from a young age that they are supposed to be in positions of power. With this being engraved into the brains of men everywhere, many men have a hard time adjusting to a woman being in a position of power. This puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on men to constantly be the breadwinner; it makes women in these situations resent men for always holding positions of power and abusing them.

5. Boys will be boys.

The phrase boys will be boys has been harming both women and men since it’s conception. It insinuates that men cannot control themselves; this puts women in danger and creates a space where men can validate heinous actions.



“You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” ― Nina Simone



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