Why Rooming With Your "Best Friend" In College May Not Be A Great Idea!

Have you roomed with your "best friend forever" in college yet? If not, here are some opnions on why rooming with your best friend in college isn't such a great idea...

Growing up, I know everyone had to at least have one best friend that they were really close with---you had sleepovers, double dates, outtings, trips, chill nights, etc. All throughout the years you and your bestfriend may or may not have been enrolled in the same school. If you were, you probably got tired of seeing her everyday, doing everything with her and got tired of her easily to where you didn't and would'nt want to be around her everyday. Opposites come around when you and your bestfriend don't attend the same school. You barely get to see her unless its on the weekends, in the summer time, and school breaks. I had the best of both worlds with both of my bestfriends growing up beause I didn't see them everyday which made me excited and happy when I did get the chance to see them. 


"You should'nt room with your closest friends in college because it will mess up your friendship," is a big statement. Some things just don't work out when this happens! You have no personal space. You will wake up and see your bestfriend, go to class and come back home to see your bestfriend, eat dinner in the living room and you see your bestfriend, and there are many other different situations you can think of to where you will see your bestfriend. They will start to think that whatever is yours is theirs, and whatever is theirs is yours which in this case whatever is mine is mine!

People can change in so many ways and can be influenced easily by many different things in college. Whether it's bad friends, bad habits, letting others control what you do, hanging out with the wrong crowd and many other options. These things can also happen in highschool but the difference in college is you have more freedom and more of a say so. You don't have your parents there to tell you what and what not to do, you can come in the house all types of hours of the night, and you can also choose who you want to hang out with and be influenced by. College has so many distractions within itself such as drinking, smoking, partying and other things which can throw you of track of what you are really at school for. I figured that if I roomed with my bestfriend in college everything would be the same as elementary, middle and highshool days in which I thought wrong and it all turned out to be a horror story. You would think that rooming with your bff sounds all nice a sweet. Everyone's situation maybe different. Even though they were your bestfriends all throughout your younger years doesn't mean that they won't come to college and be the same person in which I had to learn the hard way. I don't hate my ex-bestfriend but I do wish her the best in her college years!