Why One Direction Should do a Reunion Tour

Are you a fan of One Direction? I was and still am. We all know the controversy of Zayn Malik leaving the boy-band. Under those circumstances, One direction made one more album and then announced they were going on hiatus. It is important to realize that this break was supposed to be only for one year,however it has been over two years now. But, it is all in the past. Us Directioners need and deserve a reunion tour!

I remember the first time I became a fan of One Direction. I remember first hearing the hit song "What makes you beautiful". I looked up the song on YouTube, and instantly fell in love. I remember when immediately saying Zayn was my favorite member of the band and then I switched to Niall. My first concert was the One Direction, Take Me Home Tour. I am actually crying as while writing this article. Reminiscing the wonderful times of the concert makes me very emotional. It was my first and second favorite concert I have ever been too. In case anyone is wondering while reading this, my favorite concert I have been to was the Justin Bieber, Believe Tour. When my brother and I got back home from the One Direction concert, we could not help but listen to the take me home album on repeat.

Gratefully, I was able to see One Direction in concert again for the Where We are Tour, just right before Zayn Malik left the band. I was thankful I was able to see them again for the last time all together as a group. Furthermore, if each band member including Zayn were to get rid of their stubbornness and become friends again, and lastly do a reunion tour this world would be a better place. Speaking this into existence, in Jesus name.

The track list for their reunion tour would include these following songs, What Makes you Beautiful, Gotta Be You, One Thing, More than this, Up All Night, I want, Save You Tonight,Moments,Live while We're Young, Kiss You, Little Things, C'mon C'mon, Last First Kiss, Heart Attack, Rock Me, Change My Mind, Over Again, They Don't Know About Us, She's Not Afraid, Still the One, Best Song Ever, Story of my Life, Diana, Midnight Memories, You & I, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Strong, Happily, Through the Dark, Little White Lies, Better than Words, Does He Know?, Steal My Girl, Ready rto Run, Girl Almighty, Night Changes,No Control, Drag Me Down, Perfect, Never Enough and Wolves. It is very obvious they will not be able to sing all of these songs. In addition, this would be a two day tour, because the track list is so long. Correspondingly, each city they tour will have two days of full on One Direction. 

These group of individually unique, talented, handsome group of guys are apart of the reason of who I am today! ONE DIRECTION 4EVER!