Why it's okay to get in the Christmas Spirit before Halloween!!!!

Have you ever wondered why we start to loose the the motivation for Halloween when the actual day comes? For example, everyone has their Halloween Parties, Haunted Trails, Corn Mazes weeks before the actual Halloween Day. As for me I have start having Christmas vibes the last week on October. Of course I will still celebrate Halloween on the actual day, but my mood has already switch from Spooky to Jolly. Everyone knows it is actually happens to be the weeks before Halloween that turn out to be the best or scariest. The same goes for Christmas, the weeks before Christmas are the best. However, on the actual Christmas day, it is more about opening presents and chilling in your living room. 

So do not feel silly, if you feel this way. It is pretty normal for this mood change to happen to your attitude. Another key point to point out, is when people celebrate christmas before thanksgiving, they are not forgetting Thanksgiving. We just need more than one day to celebrate the birth of Jesus and watch Hallmark Christmas movies and meet Santa. As for me, I am thankful everyday for this life. 

~Happy Halloween X Happy Thanksgiving X Merry Christmas!~