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Why this Georgia election is an important One

So we all know that National voting time is right around the corner, but regardless of your political views, few interesting things are happening in a couple of states. Today we'll focus specifically on Georgia. Georgia has been a republican /red state for nearly two decades, but this year there is a potential for that to change. Of course, there are many district congress seats up for grabs, but there is also a senate seat up for grabs, which is important because if a democrat gets voted in the senate, it could change the way Georgia votes.

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People in our age bracket are not as active as they should be when t comes to voting, because although many people like to claim that they vote, the numbers do not lie, and we are behind in the polls. Our age bracket did do way better in the 2018 midterms, but now is really the time to make sure our voices are heard; the nation is more divided than it has been in years, and it is vital that we vote in a way that can present some solutions. 

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Legislators have a lot of influence in our personal lives; this can be seen with COVID and how people now have to rely so heavily on the government for assistance. Please make sure you are voting for someone who is not only going to have your best interest at mind but the interest of everyone. This is the idea of intersectionality, and if you make sure that the person people tend not to listen to is heard from, then you'll be able to ensure everyone is okay. Georgia is on the brink of making history, and no one is making as big a fuss as they should. If Georgia goes on to be a red state for 20 more years, that's okay, but being able to see a potential change happen, makes you want to push for change. The history of the south is long and dark, and we have an opportunity to change the way Georgia legislation moves forward. We can't rewrite the history of the south and confederate capital Atlanta, but we can definitely shape the future of our state.

There is a higher law than the law of government. That's the law of conscience.

-Stokely Carmichael


Mass Media major, looking to do big things in the future! Remember my name, it'll be on the big screen one day. (In the credits, I'm not an actor)
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