Why Charging for Everything Could Drain You

There's an old saying, "You don't love something until you can do it for free". 

  That quote resonated with me for a couple reasons:

1. Shut up...I'm gon make this coin

2. Wait hold on...they may be onto something here,


So, personally, I know there are several things I can do that people would pay money for, but somehow charging for each and everything I loved not only made me feel out of place but limited my opportunities to create! So, here it is again because Y'all know I love list form articles!


1.  It limits creative opportunity

- Often times people will pass on wanting to take part in your service because your price is turning them off. That's a singular missed opportunity because of one thing: money. 

2. It becomes business and not expression

- It is very easy to forget why you're doing this in the first place if the only thing you can focus on is the financial part of it. Money deceives us into putting more energy into that green slip of paper, rather than focusing on the very valuable human being in need of our services!

3. It expands your work!

- In my time, working on projects with other artists not involving money, but just for the sake of creating, we reached places of creative peak phenomenally! We thought outside the box and created something for the love of the craft

4. You make more friends and exposure

- People admire people they sense genuine nature in. There's nothing more genuine than working for free, I'll tell ya that! 

By no means am I saying work for free forever, but give it a thought. Sometimes it's not that deep.