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women fists raised in air
women fists raised in air
Original Illustration by Gina Escandon for Her Campus Media

Why Black History Month Is So Important

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! Ah, the wondrous time where black women and men get the recognition they rightfully deserve. Black History Month is extremely important because this month gives African-Americans the spotlight they most rightfully deserve due to the amount of contributions they’ve made in history. You can learn SO much about African-Americans who invented different things that we use in our everyday lives. African-Americans have made some of the biggest contributions in history and paved the way for other black entrepreneurs and inventors of today. Also, there are some black people who were the first to do TONS of things which makes it all the more better. 

The big word for Black History Month every February for me is “information” because I learn something new EVERY Black History Month about some black person who either was the first to do something, first to go to a predominately white institution, first to invent something, and so on and so forth. During Black History Month you never stop learning which is the fun part about it. If you’re a black girl or guy reading this, even if you are of another race, if you’re genuinely interested, take this month to search different individuals in Black History. Look up random facts, search for something you use everyday and see who it was made by. You’d honestly be surprised. Black people have contributed so much to culture, music, civil rights, inventions, and lots of other stuff. For my black people, learn your history and be proud of it!


Haley is a 22 year old Senior at Valdosta State University and President of her Her Campus chapter.. She enjoys writing, admiring nature, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. The purpose of her articles are to help, encourage, and empower women through her writing. Her favorite type of articles to write are lifestyle and entertainment pieces.
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