Who You Gonna Call? MYTHBUSTERS: Breast Cancer Edition

Breast Cancer month is almost over, but not until VSU Her Campus lets you in on a few myths and facts about Breast cancer!

1. Breast Cancer only affects women MYTH! According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 2,190 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Men also have a much higher chance of losing the battle against breast cancer due to lack of awareness. #CheckThePec

2. Any lump on your chest is cancer

MYTH! Often a lump can be a cyst, scar tissue, or even your rib cage (for us ladies who aren't very plump in the boob area.) However, if it makes you skeptical, get checked! Better safe than sorry!

3. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you won't get breast cancer.

- MYTH! Scientist and health professionals are unsure on how to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer can happen to anyone and anytime, regardless of your lifestyle. There is no sure way to avoid breast cancer indefinitely, but living a healthy lifestyle can decrease your chances of having it. Won't guarantee anything, but helps!

4. Breast cancer is a death sentence.

- MYTH! Breast cancer is combated VERY well, with advancements in technology. Being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn't mean it's over by any measure. Your doc's got you covered, especially if caught early. 


Remember to keep in touch with your doctors and do your monthly self-exams in the shower! HCXO!