Who runs the world? Girls!

Beyoncé has a way of making you think that women run the world huh? But it’s women like Tamika Mallory, Bob Bland, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour who orchestrated the Women’s March in late January 2017 who put the lyrics to good use. Women do more than march and protest for causes they believe in. Women also give you a day without them just to remind you that the world could possibly stop without them!

If women running the world were true, why must there be a march, a movement, and a song to empower an entire population? It’s safe to assume by now the world has received our memo and we’re just gloating in the process. I in the real world, we run things in an Olivia Pope manner, behind the scenes with little recognition.

I’m sure by now we have all witnessed the magic that is Olivia Pope—the gladiator in a white hat. White hats are to women what Monday Night Football is to your average American man. But it’s 2017, right? Women’s suffrage and the feminist movement have already taken place so what are we fighting for? Equal pay for starters or maybe better representation when it comes to politics, business, healthcare, well… everything under the sun!

Just over half of America’s population are women, one would think that more women would hold more positions of power. Well, think again girlfriend; men are still calling the shots in almost every field. Now this is no competition, we love our counterparts and they do a commendable job—but hello! We are no longer in the days of holding secretary and teaching positions. Now we are running for President of the United States and sitting on the Supreme Court, even dominating fields like tennis. But how did we get there and how can we continue to progress?

A day without women not only demonstrated the power in numbers, but also productivity and the lack of economic stimulation without female influence. Rather than showing the world what it would be like to live without us, why not show them what it would be like if we were treated as equals. Women have and are still making countless contributions to our society. With the right support, education, opportunities, and resources girls will be able to nurture their abilities that just might change the world.

Her Campus and other like-minded organizations were created to empower girls and women to exceed in all fields. With the power of communication Her Campus reaches hundreds of campuses on several continents with the intent of giving women a voice. With this voice, women in all corners of the world have the platform to express what they choose.

You never know who may hear your message and the effect it will have.

Did Beyoncé know that her single would unearth the gladiator in women across the world? Anything is possible—but we know the world has met its match, and we aren’t tired just yet.