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Which Type of Drunk Friend are You ?

The Happy Drunk

This person is the life of the party. Talkative, joyous but yet dramatic. This person is just happy to be out and just wants to show as much love as possible. This drunk type may either keep the partying going or annoy everyone and shut the party down.

The Depressed Drunk

Failed a final, recent break-up or recent family issues, this is the person who releases all that sad emotion when liquor enters their system. Be cautious of this drunk because anything can send them into an emotional wreck and ruin your night.

The Sloppy Drunk

Not knowing your limit can lead to one being a sloppy drunk. This is the one friend who keeps taking shots without realizing the after effects and after a while, they are in the bathroom throwing up. No matter how much times this person gets drunk and has a hangover, this person never learned their lesson from last time.

The Reckless

This type of drunk has a strong personality. “You Only Live Once” is the motto this individual probably goes by. Willing to have a good time at any cost, this friend type is definitely one to look out for. From bar fights to partying on the top bar, this person is more likely to get into a situation… even if it is entertaining.

 The responsible drunk

This is the dependable drunk. Even after 6 shots, this person can still function and ale care of themselves & their friends. At the end of the day, you can always count on this friend who cleans up after you when you're too sick and makes sure you get home safe.

The freaky drunk

This is the friend that really feels the liquor when they consume it. Touching, rubbing, kissing; etc., this particular drunk is very seductive and more prone to be more relaxed in exploring their freaky side.

The honest/ annoying drunk

Ever heard the quote “drunk words lead to sober thoughts"? Well, this is the drunk friend that proved this theory correct. The moment liquor settles into this person’s bloodstream, their mouth doesn't stop moving. This person doesn't know how to hold or water or shut up period. While it may never be their intention, beware of what you tell this person to eliminate the risk of your personal business getting out.


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