What Lying Does in A Relationship

Almost all things aren't easy and unfortunately, there is no proper way around that fact. It is a struggle having to face the facts of difficult situations even if they seem to be insignificant and there are times that we are told that it is okay to tell little lies. 

Maybe you put a made-up job on your resume to make you look more appealing or you told your friend that you couldn't go out because you were extremely busy even though you could. Those small things may seem minor and insignificant but when the time comes, and it will definitely come, they will catch up with you and you have no other choice than to explain yourself. 

Relationships are great, they make you happy and whole, they make you see things in a different light. Those great positive things you will want to hold onto as long and as tight as you can. Along with good things, there will always be some things that aren't as great. Relationships can be complicated, stressful, and confusing and we do our best to deal with those negative things. 

There are times in a relationship that you may want to keep the positivity rolling and at some point in your situation you decide to lie because you believe that it is easier than telling the truth. 

Worst-case scenario your partner finds out that you lied and then your relationship is over. Depending on what the situation may be and how it is handled there is a chance that may be the case.

When it comes to small lies they can add up into a bigger problem. For a lot of people, trust is a big thing and it is not easily rebuilt after being knocked down so many times. Trust is particularly fragile and everyone should be kept in mind. 

Lying can eventually tear down the bond that you have built with your partner and it can be difficult to rebuild something that seemed so perfect in the beginning. 

In the end, one of the main foundations of a relationship is being able to trust, and no matter how tough it may seem telling the truth is much easier than breaking apart with telling a lie.