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What is the meaning of manifesting and projecting?

Have you been seeing the angel numbers 333 , 444, and 777? Well they mean something- something far more divine than what we may presume. When we use those numbers, we are manifesting, no, we are revealing our spirits to the universe as open vessels who are open to receiving the things we seek. Let’s talk about these words, numbers, and phrases of power.

Manifestation? What’s that?

To the natural eye, manifestation is just a presentation. Meaning that one is bringing something to the eye, in the most literal sense possible. However, to the people who feel like there is just something more than what meets the eye, spiritual people, manifestation is an incantation of the things that are meant to come our way, both good and bad. Now I say “meant to”, meaning that we “attract” things that are meant for us, nothing happens for no reason. But manifestation comes with projection. Projection is far more exciting than having what we seek, it is demonstrating, in a sense, what it is that we represent. 

What do the numbers represent? 

The numbers you see in the media are known as angel numbers or codes. There is a misconception that using the numbers in multitude or seeing them accelerates the power of manifestation, that’s false. Manifestation comes from within, and how/what we project is the determinant of what we seek. For example, if I seek happiness, I must internally and externally demonstrate happiness. Angel numbers are our ways of connecting with the divine. For example, angel numbers 333 are signs of encouragement (they tell you to keep moving forward and follow along the path that you are going).

Positivity vs Negativity

Our vibes matter! Good vibes are essential! It’s so much more than just a t-shirt phrase. Positivity makes us susceptible to wonderful things. It makes manifesting a lot easier. Now what happens when we’ve been positive and we are tested? Throw our hands up and give up?? OF COURSE NOT. I like to say that we need a balance. Not too much good and not too much bad, but let the good hold more weight than the bad.

HCXO  :)

Jada Miller

Valdosta '25

Hello sweetheart! I am Jada Miller-a freshman at Valdosta State University, and I am majoring in International Business. I hope to alleviate any of the problems and confusion that any lady/girl/woman may be experiencing, and create a space to be free. I am an open-minded and understanding vessel. Stay beautiful!
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