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What Happens When You See Your Crush, As Told By Tina Belcher

We all get a little nervous when we see our crush—especially if it’s someone who doesn’t even know us. Thankfully, Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher knows exactly how we feel. Here’s what happens when you see your crush, as told by Tina.

You’re standing around at a party. No one is dancing so you’re just chatting with your friends.

Suddenly, he walks by.

You check to make sure you look okay.

He notices you from across the room, so you make subtle eye contact.

But the more you want him to notice you, the more silly you end up looking.

You see him enjoying his favorite song, so you’re tempted to dance with him.

But you chicken out, so now it’s time for Plan B: make small talk with him.

Right when you’re about to walk over to him, another girl beats you to it.

You’ve downed a few drinks so you’re almost bold enough to confront her.

But instead, you decide to keep your cool.

Your friend asks you if seeing him talking to another girl gets to you, but you play it off smoothly.

You think about just giving up, but then you remember how cute he is.

Trying to cheer you up, your friends decide to downplay him, but you feel like you have to remind them why you care so much.

You decide you’re going to just suck it up and go for it.

But first, you must visit the bathroom to buy yourself time and mental preparation (and also to make sure you look just right). You do this with a friend, of course.

You head back out to the party and start dancing in front of him, hoping he’ll get the picture.

He starts walking up to you, and you start feeling a little nervous.

He starts making small talk and eventually asks you for your number. (You give it to him, obvi.)

It all works out for the best. What were you so nervous about?

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