What To Do When You Like More Than One Guy

It is so hard liking more than one person at the same darn time. Speaking from experience, I have only been at my university for one year, and I kid you not, I have had more than twenty crushes. Shout out to the boy crazy girls in this world! You are not alone, home girl.

Have you ever seen a cute guy...maybe he opened the door for you or something similar, and next thing you know, you are imagining your whole lives together? Yup, been there and I always do that. I cannot count how many times I have met or just simply saw a very handsome man, and my mind went crazy.

We have to sit back and think, "Is he just another crush or is he a guy I genuinely like?" The term "crush" gets thrown around alot. It can mean that you simply have a passing infatuation with someone or that you really, truly like someone. It is important to remember that not all of these feelings are romantic; it can be a simply rush of excitement. LOL. Anyway we need to be able to recognize the difference.

The first step to get out of this confusing stage is to sit down and write down all of your crushes on a sheet of paper.

  • Write each guys name down. (Try to separate it from cute face crushes who you barely know versus guys you are actually semi-friends with.)
  • Give a description on why you like each guy. (Like his physical characteristics and personality)
  • Give a reason why it would possibly never work for each guy. (For example, you barely know him, or he is about to graduate or he's a freshman, although age nowadays does not determine maturity.)
  • Pick your favorite three guys based on everything you have wrote about them.
  • Lastly, try to narrow it down to possibly two guys then hopefully one guy.

After you have done all the steps, try to take it to the next step with that one guy. If he does not work out, try your backup guy. Honestly, any guy would be lucky to date any girl they get a chance with. Because we are simply the best.

Next time, you see a cute guy, try to be friends with him first. The gift of a friend is priceless. If you feel something more than friendship feelings, you can try to leave little hints. If he does not pick them up (which most boys do not) you can try to ask the guy. However the situation turns out from there will detemine if he is just meant to be a good friend.

As Bebe Rhexa and Florida Georgia Line said, "If it's meant to be, it'll be."

Good Luck, Beautiful Girl!

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