WCW: Why We Should Embrace Cardi B

How can you not love Cardi B? Her naturally funny personality reels us all in; whether it be from her Instagram videos, or her presence on Love & Hip Hop: New York! Seriously, we can’t get enough of her contagious sense of humor. Here are some reasons why we’re officially aboard the Cardi B train!

1. She is the epitome of the quote “Be yourself.”

No matter what situation Cardi is in, you can always count on her to be herself. She’s just your average girl from the Bronx with no filter, and that’s what we love about her!

2. She doesn’t take any crap.

 Cardi refuses to let anything ruin her happiness and her “shhmoney.” If there is something she doesn’t really like or approve of, she will not hesitate to let you know.

3. She is empowering.

 Cardi has no problem expressing her sexuality and flaunting her assets! She takes pride in being a former stripper and believes women should not throw shade on the occupation. She welcomes the world into her life with no shame.

4. No seriously, she’s hilarious!

Her humorous advice on Instagram and her parody videos about cheap weave only gives us a glance at how funny she truly is. You can’t watch her without laughing!

5. She’s definitely going places.

With a personality like hers, there’s no doubt that she will prosper beyond Love & Hip Hop: New York. Just wait on it!

And how could we forget the golden rule....