#WCW: Adele

This Wednesday the ladies of Her Campus want to dub Adele as our #WCW. Reappearing from a long awaited hiatus, Adele is back and in full diva mode with her long awaited forthcoming album 25. Here are a few reasons why Adele has all of us crushing so hard!

1. Her makeup never misses a beat.

2. She manages to maintain a healthy and almost normal life when she isn’t slaying all of us to pieces with her sultry voice.

3. Adele clearly knows how to work a sexy, diva angle.

4. She can channel a multitude of feelings from heartache to madly in love.

5. She's just like me and you!

6. Did I mention her sultry and unmatched voice?

Adele makes it easy to love her and even tolerate the breaks in between albums only because the music she makes can speak volumes repeatedly! We can’t wait for 25 and hopefully we get another album before we hit 30!