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#WCW: 6 Reasons We Love Ayesha Curry

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is the beautiful Ayesha Curry! This wife, mother, business woman and everything else is the epitome of goals! Here’s 6 reasons why we love her.

1. She has a sense of humor: We can’t get enough of her Instagram videos, whether she’s singing, eating junk food in slow motion, or reciting lines from her favorite movies!

2. She’s a great mom and wife: Ayesha has two beautiful daughters with her husband, NBA player, Stephen Curry. I’m sure you’ve seen their oldest daughter, Riley, hitting the Whip and Nae Nae on TV by now! We’re all fans of Riley and, their newest addition, Ryan!

3. She’s an awesome cook: If you follow her on Instagram (which you totally should be doing by now), you can catch a glance at all of the scrumptious meals she whips up!

4. Her blog is amazing: The blog “Little Lights of Mine” shows off her skills in the kitchen, while sharing pieces of her life with her beautiful family. Her blog also has recipes and cool DIY videos. Check it out here

5. She’s about her business: Ayesha has her own line of extra virgin olive oil named after her blog, “Little Lights of Mine.” She also makes appearances on the Food Network and is releasing her very own cookbook next year!

6. She’s literally stunning: On top of her being an awesome person, she’s flawless!


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