Ways Your Relationship with Family Changes When You’re in College

My mom and I were attached at the hip back home. We were together basically 24/7. It was weird not seeing my mom everyday. She is the true definition of my best friend. Instead of talking to her all day, I talk to her once a day. Now my sister, brother, dad and niece, I talk to them once a week. I went from seeing my family everyday to every month. When you go to college, your relationship with family changes in many ways. 

The communication gets harder. You talk to your people a little less. They barely know what you have going on. You might miss out on some things. You might feel left out, but you’re not. 


Beyond my immediate family, I have about eighty cousins. Yea I know right. GEEESSH! I only talk to about three of them on a weekly basis. You will lose communication with some of your family members. 

Also, I noticed that telling your parents your plans becomes way easier. You tell them you are going out this weekend or what the move is for the night. Honestly, what are they going to do? Stop you? The communication becomes more open and honest. 


The good thing is when you see your family, you cherish the time you have with them. You pick right up where you left off. Nothing will have changed. My advice is talk to your people and let them know how you are doing!