Ways to Unwind During Winter Break

Now that we're approaching our last days of class and finals are slowly creeping up, now is the time to prepare for our winter break plans. Most of us find ourselves extremely stressed and looking for any excuse to not attend class during this time of the semester. One way to get through these next two weeks is to look on the bright side and plan ahead! We all need to take time this break to unwind and relax. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Spa day


Spa days are perfect any time of the year and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. By the end of the semester, most of us find ourselves super fatigued and tense. A great way to relieve tension and free your mind is taking a day to focus on yourself and visit the spa. If you don't want to go alone, make it into a girls day/night out. Some spas are 24 hours and even provide food, which would be perfect to turn into a slumber party!

Girl's Night

Sometimes there's no better way to unwind than hanging out with your closest girlfriends for a night. Use this time while everyone's in town to host a girls night with food and fun! The options are endless when having your friends over; whether it's Netflix binging, playing board games or even just chatting and catching up. You can also cook, have a potluck, order takeout or just warm up the night with smores and hot chocolate!


While some may already have plans to travel this holiday with family, if you don't, it's still not too late to plan. Even if it's just for a weekend, take some time during the break to get away. If your budget doesn't currently allow you to travel far or for more than a day, take a day to go shopping to a nearby city and enjoy some good food. There's no better way to end the year and welcome the new one with a getaway.


Get into the holiday and giving spirit this break by giving back to your community. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are and that not everyone will be spending time with their loved ones and receiving gifts. Look up different community service opportunities, invite friends and family to join and give back to those around you.

Reflect on the previous year

There's no better time to reflect on your year than during winter break. Take some time to not only reflect on your year but also the academic school year.Think about any changes you want to make this upcoming year and write them. You can also grab a journal for this next year to reflect and decide how you plan to grow as a person in the future.