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The “Nice Guy Act” is just as worst as the “F-Boy.” He considers himself the “nice guy,” but you and I know that’s code for “I’m trying compensate for my shortcomings” such as not being physically attractive to the woman, being socially unattractively, or whatever other reasons a woman may not be interested in him. With that being said, this is why the “Nice Guy Act” is just as worst as your average “F-boy.” At least “F-Boys” tend be upfront and honest about their sinister agenda, but the “Nice Guy Acts” are just fake nice guys who are pretending to be good guys until he gets exposed as with toxic manipulation. Once he gets what he wants from you, he will most likely drop that “Nice Guy Act” and show his true colors. Here are 3 ways on how to spot the “Nice Guy Act:”

  1. He has a new version of himself

Yeah, he’s tired of being nice, so now the good treatment that you were used to is gone. He hasn’t gotten what he wants, so he no longer has to be the “man” you thought he was. If a guy gets upset with you just because he wasn’t able to manipulate you, run! He’s not just having a bad day or you just made him upset, he’s just toxic. Once you see this part of him, he’s showing you that he is going to be a dangerous individual to be around. It’s not your fault; you didn’t do anything to cause this behavior. He is finally showing you who he really is. It’s his real face, and he’s tired of pretending because he is seeing that it’s not working by playing the nice role, so he tries to switch it up on you.

2. He keep conversations short

He no longer wants to hear what you got to say because you’re not talking about what he wants to talk about. He sees that he is going to actually have to get to know you because you are not planning on giving up sex or whatever is on his agenda to get from you. So when you try to make a conversation with him, he keeps it short and doesn’t seem interested in making conversation with you about meaningful topics that you guys once shared with each other because he was in his “pretending to be a good guy act.” He thought it would get him somewhere with you whether that’s in your bed or your pockets. 

3. He is not capable of respecting you

He showed you respect before even it’s just opening your door or just actually letting you finish your sentence without seeming to be annoyed with you when you speak. You’re probably wondering if you said something wrong or silly when he just no longer wants to respect you because he’s tired of doing the “Nice Guy Act.” He was never a man who respected you from the start. He just knew if he showed you a nice side of him, he could make you comfortable and feel easy around him. 

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There could many signs when you meet a new guy that’s pretending to be someone he’s not. Always watch out for the signs, especially if you feel like something is off about that guy. It’s okay to take your time to get to know someone when you first meet them. You don’t have to rush into anything with someone if you feel you need more time to get to know that person. If that person is rushing you into anything and you feel like you haven’t had enough time to get to know them, just remember they might be trying to rush things because they are tired of pretending to be someone that they’re not.


Bonny is a transfer student from Georgia Military College, having obtained her associates degree in communication science in Summer 2020. She then transferred to Valdosta State in Fall 2020. She is now a mass media major in her junior year, looking to experience media like she never dreamed of! Bonny's hope that someday her work reaches you and many more.
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