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Ways to Spread Love, The Her Campus Way

Today marks our 1-Year Anniversary! We are extremely thankful to those who have showed us love and supported everything we do. Knowing the positive effects of simple loving gestures from our peers, we feel it’s only right we pay it forward and spread love to those around us! Here are 8 ways to spread love the Her Campus way. 

1. Give out warm, comforting hugs

2. Give a compliment

3. Send out flowers or sweets

4. Give out small pieces of paper with motivational quotes

5. Share a smile with everyone you see

6. Offer to buy someone something or pay for the person behind you in line

7. GIVE BACK. Find a way to help someone less fortunate than you by either donating clothes/household items, food or even money. 

8. Most importantly, volunteer!  Those who hurt the most need the most encouragement. Volunteer at a local community charity, nursing home, soup kitchen, or homeless center.

Think of ways you can help others, and remember: true kindness comes from the heart and can go a long way. HCXO!

My name is Anissa Yone' Williams. I am a Graduating Communication & Marketing major at Valdosta State University, who has a passion for Entertainment, Journalism, and Music. Twitter: @_AnissaaAmor Snapchat:AnissaaAmor Instagram:_AnissaaAmor
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