As many of you know, there have been recent incidents at the University of Missouri this week regarding racism on campus and how colleges and universities choose to handle it. If you are not sure of what incidents I am referring to, do your research and check out the Her Campus National article here.

In solidarity with students from Mizzou and their actions in challenging the racism found in these incidents, students, faculty, staff, and more from all over the nation are pledging their support. You may have seen these pledges on your social media in the forms of:




"To the students of color at Mizzou, we, student allies at the (insert college/university name here), stand with you in solidarity. To those who would threaten their sense of safety, we are watching."

Today, at Valdosta State University, our NAACP and Black Student League chapters organized a silent protest on the Pedestrian Mall for all students, faculty, and staff to join in to show solidarity from Blazer Nation with Mizzou.

It was hot and it was long, but the protest stood strong in the hot sun as students and staff shuffled to their respective classrooms.

Each student and staff member that participated in the protest had the opportunity to write their own sign and hold it proudly.

While the lines of signs grew longer, the reactions of students and staff walking between the lines became more apparent. Some cut their eyes back and forth reading the signs quickly as they shuffled by. Others came with cries of "I love this!" and "Say yes to loving others!" Some students ducked their heads and kept their eyes to the ground. Several students apologized. You could hear comments and questions swirl among the people that passed.

The protest came and conquered silently on the Pedestrian Mall, but to those involved in the quest of combating these issues, the journey continues on. As students of VSU, we are called every day to face issues on our campus and many of us don't take the time to stand up. Will you stand up VSU? Will you take the time to open your mind, challenge your beliefs, and stand for what is right? The time is now.