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VSU18: 9 Ways to Survive Valdosta State University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

So you’ve already made your decision on coming to Valdosta State in the fall (TU!). No but really, you have a lot to look forward to. This will be your first year on your own and away from your parents! You’ll be surrounded by a brand new crowd of people, and you can finally feel like you’re sort of a grown up. Valdosta has a lot to offer you, but you have to take advantage of the different opportunities and, of course, make it work in your favor. Have fun, enjoy yourself a little, but always remember what you’re here for! Here are 9 ways to survive out here in Valdosta.


1. Use your blazer bucks WISELY.

You are limited to these and you’ll get down to zero dollars in the blink of an eye. You’ll have a meal plan for Hopper or Palms Dining so don’t go haywire when you see you have cash on your One Card to use at Nathan’s, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, or Papa Johns. Those come in handy for when you’re having a late night study session at the library and Palms is closed.


2. Understand the shuttle colors and where they transport you.

As a freshman, it was very confusing when it came down to using the shuttles. I never rode until my second semester because I was embarrassed to ask how it works! The green shuttle is definitely the go-to shuttle. It maneuvers you anywhere from the parking deck, to the Rec, behind the dining halls, and to the University Center where some students take classes. The red shuttle routes to dining halls and is mainly for those heading up to North Campus. Then there’s the blue shuttle, which takes you to the Rec, the parking lots, the UC, and it serves as transportation to those going to the field house. Memorize these locations and you will definitely be prepared for school.


3. Pack for all seasons.

Valdosta’s weather is beyond tricky. One day it will be warm enough to pull out a cute sundress, and then the next you’ll be needing a warm sweater! Be sure to pack a couple items from each season because you won’t be able to tell what you’ll need to wear until the day of. Half of those weather apps will steer you in the opposite direction, TRUST ME!


4. Stay updated on BlazeVIEW and your email.

BlazeVIEW is where most teachers post assignments, and if your teachers are anything like mine, you will want to check on your own because they won’t notify you. But there are some great teachers who actually care and will help you out. Understand the system and always check up on it. Another important thing to check is your email. You will be emailed different events happening on campus weekly and they usually have lots of activities to keep freshmen involved. Sometimes they give away free items! Who doesn’t love the word “free”?!


5. Study!

You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorthy! If you had horrible study habits in high school, you will definitely have to do some tweaking. You may feel like you understand everything the teacher is saying in class, but it will always be an awesome idea to study your notes a couple more times before the exam. This isn’t just for VSU, this is for any college or institution!


6. Don’t get hyped about Georgia Hall.

Everyone’s fighting to get a spot in this popular dormitory. But let’s be real, space is limited and only a few are chosen. I lived in Langdale my freshman year, and it actually wasn’t that bad! No really, any dorm here at VSU is decent to live in, it’s just what you make of it. I promise!


7. Like, befriend, or be cordial with your roommate.

Afterall, you HAVE to live together, so why not try getting along? You may not be used to sharing quarters with another person, but get used to it. You never know, you guys may hit it off and become lifelong friends. You also may like to decorate your dorm together, share food, and you may have found someone you can confide in.


8. Do NOT get caught up with the opposite sex.

Of course you’ll meet someone you think is hot, or someone you think may be your “perfect match.” Don’t let it get you off task; speaking from experience, it will definitely take a toll on school work and that’s when you have to remember what you came to school for! But hey, if you bump into someone special, I say go for it! As long as your priorities are in line, you’ll be fine.


9. Be aware of your surroundings.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you’re practically “grown” and own your own now. But don’t take it for granted. Be careful, especially walking from the parking decks at night, with your drinks at parties, and just being out and about alone. Valdosta is a nice, quiet little town, but you never know what can happen. Stay safe!

And Always keep in mind, you’re in college for your degree!

I'm from Darien, Georgia . (McIntosh County) I'm a junior at Valdosta State University with a major in Early Childhood Education. I absolutely adore fashion trends, celebrity scoop, and everything in between !
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