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VSU18: 4 Facts (or Myths) About Your Freshman Year

TV Shows and movies about college can be a little confusing and misleading. While some rumors about your freshman year are true, most of them are really garbage. Don’t believe all the hype. Here are some facts and myths about your freshman year.


1. You will NEVER get sleep.

Myth.  It’s probably best that you expect to have long nights of partying or all-nighters pulled for an exam, but relax, you’ll definitely find time to get some rest. Partying and studying will make you tired and stressed, but time management will be important to make the best out of college, especially your first year. Keep an agenda and stay on top of your work so when it’s time to hit the sheets, you can doze off instead of cramming for the entire night.


 2. You’ll always be broke.

Sorry, but this one is a fact. Leaving home to go to school means that you’re leaving everything that you enjoyed at home, right where they were. Don’t expect to have money for a shopping spree every weekend or go to your favorite restaurant when you get a little hungry. You’re on your own now, which means you’re living off your Blazer Bucks and meal plan until the wheels fall off! The upside is that VSU always has campus events with free food so you’ll be fine, I promise. But remember; only the strong survive!


3. Professors won’t help you and they  won’t care.

This is a complete myth. College is SO much different from high school and it will teach you a lot of responsibility, but college professors will assist you with preparing for tests and will surprisingly be more helpful than you think. If you show them you’re serious about their classes, they’ll be more willing to help out. The Student Success Center on campus also has tutors available for every class offered at VSU, so don’t stress it!


4. The dining halls are terrible.

Although our dining halls don’t serve five star cuisines, they get the job done, and luckily VSU has restaurants on campus like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Nathans, and Einstein’s.  If anything, beware of the daunting “freshmen fifteen” because VSU provides places all over campus where students can eat some pretty good food.

College will give you a one-of-a-kind experience and, if you’re prepared, will be the most amazing time of your life! 

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