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Everyone has their “go to” pair of shoes. Well, I’m pretty lucky to have quite a few! I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said “I couldn’t go a day without my Vans.” There are times I find myself questioning whether or not my collection is a little too excessive, but I think I could use some more. Each pair of my Vans brings a different vibe to the table, how could I not be obsessed? I like to think of my Vans as my personal adventure trackers. The more beat and worn they come to be, the better.

At one point, I had around 12 pair of Vans. This was before I sold a few to Plato’s Closet. Now I have a total of 8 pair. Each of these 8 can be classified by 3 different Vans styles:

High Top 

 Whenever I place these beauties on my feet, I know I am prepared for whatever is thrown at me that day! I have honestly worn them to occasions that range from hiking to a night out. Yes, they are that perfect! A lot of my greatest and most adventurous memories were made in these shoes. These are also my “go to” shoes for a long day. Nothing is more comfortable, I can assure that.


Low Top 
 There are two different low tops that I am a fan of and they both give different looks! First, let’s start with the Old Skool Vans. I grab these when I am going for a sleek but still urban look. These Vans are also pretty comfortable, but I do not look to get these too dirty. However, I do tend to find random scuffs on the soles of my shoes due to the fact that I cannot stray from spontaneous activities. They are worth the scuffs! Next, there are the Authentic Vans. I grab these when I go for my “based” look. These are the Vans that I have had for the longest. They have holes and are worn to dirt which is why I love them the most! There was a time when this style was pretty common, but I am now starting to notice more Old Skool Vans. Maybe it’s time for me to bring the Authentic Vans back!


 These are also an all-purpose type of shoe! If you can keep them clean they can also serve a sleek look. However, being that I am who I am, I cannot keep a canvas pair of shoes clean. It’s one of my downfalls when buying white shoes. I am planning on either painting my white pair or letting them become “based.” 

As of now, these are the only styles that I own. In the near future, however I do see myself with a pair of the Runners. You guys should give them a look, HCXO!

Jamesia Folston is an Early Childhood Education student at Valdosta State University. She is a 23 year old alternative music addict who enjoys traveling, thrifting, and creating. She aspires to become an educator abroad and globetrotter.
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