The Valdosta Section of NCNW

Throughout the week of November 6th through November 10th, Members of the NCNW Valdosta State University Section made sure to highlight "Bossing Up" and Preparing your Brand. The week of various uplifting and empowering events was an all-around success. The ladies of NCNW kicked their week off with a Cookout and themed their week "Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Boss". 

Section President Tykevia Williams, Senior Psychology Major spoke about the work their org put in for their week to be a success.

"NCNW is an organization founded by Mary McLeod Bethune in 1935," Williams spoke, "because we focus on advocating leadership development, this week we had #GirlTalkTuesday which helps African American women build their careers, prepare for interviews, and build self-confidence."

With forty plus in attendance, NCNW welcomed various student speakers. With sections like 'How to prepare for an Interview', 'How to build your Brand', and 'Self Care'. All that were in attendance definitely had a few pointers they could take with them.

Each session included an open floor discussion where the audience could pitch in and tell personal stories or ask questions about anything the may need advice or clarification. 

Each speaker addressed finding your purpose and keeping a positive mind and group of friends.

Highlighted subtopics of the mini-week included Mental health, self-esteem, time management, NCNW also had an open event entitled "Mainstream Express" which discussed business etiquette and professionalism.

The final event on Friday, NCNW brought back one of our favorite shows 'Silent Library' where various organizations can participate to win a cash prize. At the event, Collegiate Men of VSU came home with the win and $50 dollars.

Overall, NCNW had a phenomenal week and has a lot more in store for Spring Semester.