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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love VSU Theatre & Dance!

It's the YEAR OF THE ARTS! Igniting the flame this week by showing why we LOVE our Theatre and Dance department at Valdosta State University.

1. Peach State Summer Theatre!

This professional program is the ONLY summer Theatre program in the entire state of Georgia! It's legit! People from all over the nation come to Valdosta to audition to be in that Summer's lovely trio of shows. 

2. The Degree! 

Students that are Theatre majors have three emphasis: musical, performance, and technical! Within each degree, everyone dabbles into the other degrees so that each student that leaves this school is able to use all these skills! For instance, a performance major will do scene shop work and a tech student will act! 

3. Children's Tour!

Every Spring, VSU's Theatre and Dance department has a children's tour for kids all around the South Georgia area! These actors will be up at 6 a.m. ready to produce a fun show for kids!

4. Variety! 

Every year this department includes a variety of shows including musicals, straight plays, cabaret, dance concerts, and a children's tour! 

5. Senior Showcase/Pre-Professional Showcase!

Every Spring, the faculty lets the seniors create their own showcase! Songs, music, dancing, anything is done by them and open to the public! This lets them see the progress of their work and lets them have a last hoorah! Also with the Pre-Professional Showcase, professionals, such as casting directors, come to see juniors and seniors perform! It's great for the actors to network and to take note of what's going on in the "real" world! 

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