The Top 5 F*ckboy Statements Translated

F*ckboys can be hella confusing with their actions and their words. They’re most known for saying one thing and doing another. Here are the top 5 f*ckboy statements translated.

1. “I really wanna spend time with you.”

    Translation: He will only say this just to sound nice and sincere. But really he just wants to have sex. Don’t be surprised if he kicks you out after you guys get done having sex.

2. “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

    Translation: This could either mean “I don’t want a relationship with YOU” OR “I’m just looking to get the relationship benefits.”

3. “You wanna just watch a movie?”

     Translation: The whole movie thing is just to get you over to his place. He’ll turn on the movie and he’ll make a move 15 minutes into it. You guys end having sex while the movie is on and he’ll probably still end up kicking you out after you guys are done… without even finishing up the movie.

4. “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy with school work and extracurricular activities.”

    Translation: That’s his excuse to not be real with you. College can keep people hella busy, but not that busy for a person not to send an “I’m busy with schoolwork right now” text. Most likely, he’s found a new distraction aka a new girl to screw over.

5.  “Let me just stick it in and I’ll take it right back out.”

     Translation: What he meant to say was “I have great d*ck, so once I stick it in, you won’t want me to take it out.”