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We know you’re ready for the semester to be over with, but you still need to get through the last few weeks of classes. Exams can be stressful and draining. It’s coming to the end and time for your final exams! There’s no need for you to cram when you can easily follow the tips below for preparing for your finals.

Tip 1: Use Index cards to make flashcards to study with.

These will help you memorize important terms that are needed. While making flashcards, you can get creative and decorate them to where they are easy for you to study from. Make them to where you will want to practice with them.

Tip 2: Study in a quiet area like your own home or a library.

Studying in silence helps you to concentrate more. If you want to, you can add some music while you study in order to keep you from getting distracted. Don’t play around on your phone though!

Tip 3: Study with a friend.

Why not? Sometimes having a study partner helps you use better studying techniques while also having extra help from a friend. Studying with someone can also help you prepare yourself for a test knowing that someone can correct you if you guess the wrong answer.

Tip 4: Go meet up with your teacher and have them go over your study guide as a review.

Make friends with your teacher because they might give you some tips that they won’t give to other students. Plus they might even let you know what material will be covered on the test as well as what to expect.

Tip 5: Google it!

Sometimes doing a little research on material you’re not sure about can help you learn something easier and quicker. Not every person learns the same way or teaches the same way, so if you still don’t get something, just look it up and see if there is a better way of learning and going over your study guide. You can use YouTube to help you too!

Nijzea Shaw

Valdosta '22

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