Tips on Surviving Quarantine

Hey, it's Haley, and I'm back with another article! Unfortunately, I'm coming to you all speaking about how to not go mentally insane during this pandemic. I hope you all and your family are staying safe, healthy and hopeful! Let's get into it!

Tip #1

Get a new hobby! (No it doesn't have to involve making money, and yes, that was shade to "LLC Twitter") You can develop a bunch of new hobbies like photography, singing, knitting, YouTube, makeup, dancing and so on. Use this time to see what you like and dislike. Trust me, you have enough time to learn a bunch of stuff and develop a new hobby.Glitch Man

Tip #2

Eat. Lol. Yes, eat. Of course, you have to eat to survive, so make sure you're eating during this (more than likely) very long month or two, or...three...or LOOK. Just eat and take care of yourself. Hopefully, you got a (few) healthy snacks to last you during these times. Honestly, just pig out lol. We're all stressed and bored as hell.

Gif of man holding heart shaped pizza

Tip #3

Please, and I cannot stress this enough, STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! They can help you forget about all the craziness going on. Trust me. Every time I talk to my friends and family, I feel a little lighter and forget the world is currently going to sh*t. So, if you can, surround yourself with love and call your friends and fam. You don't have to be alone!

Cardi B facetime

Tip #4

REST, REST, REST!!! Now that classes are strictly online, you have time to rest and lounge around without a care in the world. Do your homework first of course but after you get everything done and out of the way, sleep the rest of the day away with a probably much-needed nap.

girl lounging relax 2

Tip #5

Considering you have more time on your hands, at least TRY to get fit. We all want that banging summer body, right? (IF we have a Summer) Take this time out to meditate, practice yoga or do simple cardio workouts. You can even develop a morning and night routine, if you don't have one already, and come out of this quarantine a new person!

YogaNo matter how you choose to spend your time in quarantine, just try not to stress, stay INSIDE, stay healthy and stay optimistic!