Tips for Going Out During Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming is upon us, and that means parties! Club hopping, going to different people's houses, meeting new people and just staying busy. Why not make it easy on yourself? Below are some tips for going out during Homecoming weekend.

 Tip #1 CASH

Cash is essential this weekend. The parties you'll be attending probably won't have a card reader and an ATM will not be in sight. Also, in case you'll have to split the cost of a bottle, and its easier to deal with. Tip 1 is muy importante!

Tip #2 Drink Water ALL WEEKEND


During homecoming weekend, you'll be on the go constantly. The heat plus all the dancing you'll do is draining. Drinking water is essential. Passing out in the middle of the club is NOT CUTE!

TIP #3 Have your turn up squad set!

Make sure you have your friend group planned out. You don't want to be scrambling to find friends to turn up with. There will be a good chance they'll already have their group set and have how much money they'll need to split for the week. If you wait you'll be out of luck..sorry.

TIP #4 Plan your outfit ahead of time


Nothing is worse than going on a hunt for an outfit and everything is sold out becuase of homecoming. While you can find something in your closet, its not the same as stepping out in a new outfit nobody has seen before. You need to slay honey SLAY!

TIP #5 Get there early


Not only will people from your school be going to the parties, but alumni and friends from out of town attend them also. With that in mind, imagne the lines for the parties at 12:30...yeah get there early. If that doesn't scare you, imagine your favorite amusment park opening for the first time during the summer and your in line for your favorite ride. Scared yet?

TIP #6 Remember to eat


Drinking water is essential to staying hydrated and eating is essential to being energized. You need all the energy you can get for the week so your not lagging and being a party pooper.

TIP #7 Shoot your shot!


Homecoming is the weekend for opportunity. Why not slide into the DM of your campus crush. You look good...he looks good...why not?


Overall, homecoming weekend is pretty crazy. You never know what's going to happen but just make sure you're safe and have fun. Homecoming is only one weekend, so make sure you spend it with great people and be safe out there!